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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1800.001.0552 Poster Collection of Harold Krier Air Show Posters giving town-airport-town      
1800.001.0555 Picture This collection of pictures is a courtesy of Betty and Tom Salyer. Ashland      
1800.001.0556 Picture Early Planes and Mail Planes      
1800.001.0557 Picture Us Air Force the First 50 years.      
1800.001.0566 Picture A Collection of pictures "Airplane and Cargo Planes - German and Japanese P      
1800.001.0569 Picture This display courtesy of Mary and Gilbert Krier. Army, Navy, US Marine Cor      
1800.001.0570 Picture A Group of pictures given by Rosa Lee and Luther McGee. Jet Argosies      
1800.001.0571 Picture A Collection of pictures      
1800.001.0589 Machine, Sewing        
1974.022.0002 Propeller        
1974.059.0001 airplane        
1975.044.0001 Uniform        
1978.008.0001 Book        
1987.030.0001 Picture        
1987.030.0002 Picture        
1987.030.0003 Picture        
1987.030.0004 Picture        
L.1800.001.0571 Trophy Collection of Krier Trophy, Pictures, and other artifacts. (That are all on      
L.1971.019.0001 Picture        
L.1971.019.0004 Trophy collection of Krier stuff on loan consisting of 35 items. located on the no      
L.1971.019.0033 Documents Collection of Harold Krier artifacts consisting of a trophy, picture, plaqu      
L.1971.019.0044 Picture        
L.1971.019.0047 Picture airplane pic.      
L.1971.019.0614 Picture   Harold Krier Neices and Nephews    

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