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Object ID 1800.001.0569
Object Name Picture
Abstract Douglas F 4 D-1 "Skyray" Interceptor Fighter.
Lockheed WV2 "Super Constellion" Radar Patrol
Lockheed XF-90...USAF
Douglas A3D-1 "Skywarrior"...Long Range Attack
Convair B-3H Heavy Bomber & Republic RF-84 Fighter
Vought XF 7U-1 "Cuttlass"...USN
Cessna L-19 "Bird Dog" Liaison
McDonald F2 H-1 "Banshee"...US
Douglas XF3D-1 "Skynight" USN
Hiller H-23-B Helicopter General Utility
Grumman XF9F"Panther" USN
North American FJ-2"Fury" Day Fighter
North American F 100 "Super Saber" Air Superiority FighterNorth American B-45 "Tornado"...USAF
Cataloged by Maphet Tony
Catalog date 07/19/2004
Collection Krier, Mary and Gilbert
Sub-category Art
Home location Bld2-A-72-96
Title This display courtesy of Mary and Gilbert Krier. Army, Navy, US Marine Corp and Us Airforce Planes.
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