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Record 45/63
8"x10" picture, no frame, in good condition all people identified. neghbor's shocking feed for Edd Hensley when sustained a broken shoulder. Taken in the East yard. Men left to right: George Mull, George Vandeveer, Him Cox, Virgil Mull (holding Virginia and Bill) Les Barricklow(holding Linda) Edd Hensley(arm in sling). Donley McCarty(Helen)Vic Maheiu, Forest Beydler, Calvin Beydler, Forest Betschart and Child. Tom Hensley, Bob Appleby, Raymond Lunsford, Bill Black, Ted Stranghonner, Vic Dagmilt, Floren Stranghorner, Geo. McCarty, Jean McCarty. Women Flo Hensley, Irene Betschart, May McCarty, May Mull, Patty Stranghorner, Evelyn Lunsford, Eva Stranghorner, Cecilia Mull, Luli Baruchlau, Hattie McCarty.
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