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Record 12/21
Pioneer-Krier Museum
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Object ID 1800.001.0553
Object Name Picture
Abstract Air Voyager - 1908
Katherine Stinson (Wright "B" Biplane 1912)
Cecil Peoli (Baldwin Biplane) 1914
Dr. H. W. Walden .Walden Monoplane 1911
Frank Coffyn .Wright "B" Biplne 1912
Clifford Webster . Burges . Dunne . 1914
Walter Johnson . Thomas Biplane 1912
Ed Karn . Benoist Tractor 1912
Earnest Hall . Wright Aeroboat 1913
Collection Knapp, Doris
Category 8: Communication Artifact
Home location Bld2-A-01-05
Title "EARLY BIRDS" This collection is courtesy of Doris Knapp
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